Posted by: pointsevensnowball | December 28, 2008

It’s not over ’til it’s over …. and let me tell you, it’s definitely NOT over!

Said engagement to said wonderful man!

Said engagement to said wonderful man!

Procrastination. It  is something I have turned into an art form. Well, maybe not everyone around me feels that way. But that is how I choose to view it. Throw in Christmas holidays, invites for parties and an engagement  (my own to my wonderful fiance Gabriel Reis!) and you have a fine recipe for as much procrastination as I can get away with. But, alas it has come to an end. And here I sit, just four days shy of the year’s end, finally writing my last blog of the campaign. Sigh.

 I think I just didn’t want to admit that the first chapter of the campaign was

Back in sunny St. John's!

Back in sunny St. John's!

closing. It is kind of sad. It feels like we took off for St. John’s, Nfld. about 100 years ago…. It even feels as though I have been home for months (mostly because I have been doing nothing but lazing around the house staring at my beautiful new sparkly ring and gorging myself on turkey and any dessert I can get my hands on like a jobless sloth… albeit a very relaxed and very in love jobless sloth).

All this free time hasn’t just been spent in a diamond, sugar and trytophan-induced coma. In all seriousness it has given me some time for reflection. I really can’t believe that it was just two weeks — and two feet of snow –ago that Brielle and I finished travelling across our great nation.

As my cousin mentioned we had initially planned on ending our travels in Victoria, thereby creating island bookends on our trip. But since I was going to be in Vancouver for a week anyways, and since we felt like maybe our connections there might garner some additional attention, we decided to give the campaign another final push.

And it was totally worth it. As Brielle mentioned our first presentation of the week in Surrey was a ton of fun. The students had a lot of energy, made us laugh and really seemed to accept our concepts. The same could be said for the Mme. Label’s classes at Kits high mid week. So for our very last day of school presentations, Brielle and I were feeling really motivated, energetic and excited. We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by kids in a similar state of mind at Kits High (yes, again) and then at the stunning Hogwarts-esque St. Georges all boys school.

At Kits we met some really cool kids and again loved doing the quizes with them. We may  have mentioned the quiz a few times, but just to refresh,  it was a late addition to our school presentations and allowed kids to go head to head to answer questions about the Millennium Development Goals for a chance to win chocolate bars. It became one of the most fun and lively parts of our presentation, in my estimation.

Beautiful St. Georges

Beautiful St. Georges

After leaving Kits for the final time, Brielle and I headed to St. Georges. The school has two campuses. The first is the Harry Potter inspired junior school campus and the second is the newer high school located a couple of blocks down the road. It is the latter at which we would be speaking with a group of intelligent young men in uniform.

We were led a small auditorium-style class room to set up. We thought our final presentation of the campaign might be to a mere handful of teen boys, but more and more interested listeners trickled in during the first few minutes of the presentation providing us with an energetic and really engaged group to present to.  At the end of the presentation, the lovely teacher told us she would be making a donation to P7S via our website! It was excellent news and a great way to end the campaign.

The next day we intended to mark the campaign’s conclusion with a big celebration of family and friends. But our timing just wasn’t right. We were only 10 days away from Christmas and almost everyone we knew had another Christmas party to attend. So, we decided to cancel the celebration.

Those who know Brielle and I, however, know that we both love a good party and we couldn’t end the campaign there. So, while nothing has been put on paper yet, we are planning to keep the campaign going.  On the list of possibilities is a huge benefit dinner in the spring in Vancouver with family, friends and anyone else who would like to support Millennium Promise. We also are looking to keep in touch with the schools we have visited and possibly continue to do presentations. We would like to regularly send out some kind of e-newsletter to our contacts reminding people to SEND US THEIR .7%.  We are also going to be contacting politicians in the new year (before the proroguing is over) to discuss our government’s fiduciary and moral responsibility to increase aid to developing nations.  And who knows what else we will come up with. We come from a long line of “idea” people and multi-taskers, so the future plans are likely to continue to grow and change. And, of course, we will keep you all in the loop!

Until then, I want to thank everyone from coast to coast for their tremendous support and belief in Brielle and I and Point Seven Snowball. We couldn’t have made it through every province from St. John’s, Nfld. to Victoria/Vancouver, B.C .without help from some truly amazing people. THANK YOU ALL so very much from the bottoms of our very fulfilled hearts. Point Seven Snowball wouldn’t have been a success without you and we look forward to sharing all of our ongoing successes with you in the coming months and years.

happy20holidaysUntil then we wish you ….



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