Posted by: pointsevensnowball | December 20, 2008

home sweet home

Vancouver - the beautiful city where Falcor once flew through the alleyways in pursuit of Bastian's bullies...Vancouver. The mountains, the obnoxious proliferation of Starbucks, the rain, the busy little city, the diversity, the traffic, the FOOD scene … the good, the bad and I’m in love all over again. While we hadn’t originally planned to campaign in Vancouver as we got closer we figured why not? Especially considering we planned to have a wind-up party at the end of the week so Tracy would be hanging around the Lower Mainland regardless.

So in a bit of a mad scramble, we emailed a bunch of schools in Vancouver and our hometown, North Delta. I’m sure many schools wrote us off as crazy given we were writing them during exams time to ask if they would like to work with us to set up a presentation with only one week’s notice. Ha. And while most of the follow-up calls we made days later did not result in booking presentations given the time of year and short notice, some of them did. In a few short hours we set up presentations at three schools – L.A. Matheson, Kitsilano Secondary and St. George’s. Sweet right?!

thanks Ramada!!!

thanks Ramada!!!

We thought so. And given that we’d be hanging out in Vancouver, we figured we might as well call our friend Ramada Hotel to see if they could put us up for a couple nights downtown. Wonderful Ramada. They very generously agreed to put us up and so now we were all set.

After giving ourselves a day off on Monday, we headed to L.A. Matheson on Tuesday to present to a group of 70 or so students in the drama room.

We started off the usual way, asking the students what they think of when they hear the words, “extreme poverty”. From the back of the room came a chorus of teenage male voices, “Whalleeeeeey!” Ha ha. Not quite guys. The students at Matheson got really into the quiz portion of the presentation and it was awesome to seem them so engaged.

Classic Kits Secondary

Classic Kits Secondary

Wednesday we presented to four different classes at Kitsilano Secondary in Vancouver. Their teacher, Josee Lebel, was SO supportive. At the end of each presentation she put the kids into groups and asked them to brainstorm different ideas for the .7 Challenge. In the coming weeks, the students will carry out a fundraiser for the Millennium Villages. This is good :).

Mme. Lebel also gets huge points for recommending Greens & Gourment Vegetarian Buffet on Broadway. Mmm… delcious lunch of Thai curry etc. Mmm.



I should also mention that Tracy’s Mom and my Onteeee Elaine came to watch us present at Kits Sec. Lovely lovely supportive woman she is. Afterwards, the three of us headed to Earls where Tracy and I spent the last of our Earls dollars (tear) and then we did some Christmas shopping.

Tune in for Tracy’s dramatic conclusion… expect EXCITING news on the personal front too 🙂


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