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Home for a good time, but not a long time

My heart was pounding as we pulled into Penticton on Nov. 23. (I know Brielle covered my reunion with my sweetie but I have to say a few things about how totally exciting it was). For the entire trip, Gabe and I talked every single night, either on the phone or on Skype. So, because we were on Skype and could see each other, I didn’t think I would get that weird feeling that I think most people get when they haven’t seen their significant other for a long time. But I did.

As we came over the mountain from Okanagan Falls into Penticton, I almost pulled over to ask Brielle to drive because my heart was pounding so hard it was making me feel  dizzy. It felt surreal that I would actually get to see Gabe. So, when I got to the apartment, I just ran straight into our building. The elevator was at the top floor, so rather than wait, I just ran up the stairs and flung open the door. There he was. It felt so, so weird but so very good. I cried and we hugged and hugged and kissed and hugged some more (all of which poor Brielle was subjected to). The worst part was that we would only have  a couple of hours together before we left again for Kelowna. Throughout the week, I was happy to be able to see him a couple of more times.  But our schedule in the Okanagan was packed and with only a few more weeks left in the campaign, we both wanted to put as much energy into it as possible.

We stayed the week in Kelowna, as Brielle mentioned, with Gabe’s cousins. It

Bryan and Brewser hanging out in on Brielle's and my bed in the living room.

Bryan and Brewser hanging out on mine and Brielle's bed in the living room.

was a ton of fun to stay in the house with this group of very energetic and supportive family members, playing games, eating (DQ and cinnamon buns were a highlight), watching Brielle wrestle with Chris and Karina’s dog, singing my heart out to ACDC on Rock Band (sorry to everyone’s ears for that one)  and watching some great classic movies (read: Scarface). Thanks and lots of love to Chris, Karina, Alex, Bryan, Breanne and, of course, Brewser for putting up with us …. er … I mean putting us up. Good times.

Regarding the campaign itself, our week in Kelowna was really successful. The time was nicely split with the first half focused entirely on schools and the second half focused on volunteering with media sprinkled throughout.

Volunteering at the Canadian Cancer Society

Volunteering at the Canadian Cancer Society

After our first few days of speaking at schools,  I  awoke Thursday ready for  an interview on CBC’s show Day Break followed by a day volunteering at the Canadian Cancer Society, an organization we had been wanting to volunteer for the whole trip.

The CBC interview went really well.  I arrived early and the Day Break host Marion welcomed me into the studio (I was looking forward to meeting the host of a show I listened to on the way to work every morning). The spot lasted about five minutes. The interview felt really good and after it I heard from some friends that they thought it sounded good and I had gotten the message of Point Seven Snowball out without stuttering or stumbling too much.

Brielle and I spent the remainder of the day in the Cancer society office learning the geography of Westbank  (or West Kelowna or whatever the city is calling itself these days). We were helping to identify and map out the routes for the upcoming spring door-to-d00r campaign. While the work was tedious, it was nice to lend a hand and give the staff a break from such work.

The next day we awoke to pouring rain and cold weather. Brielle and I were supposed to spend the day outside selling buttons for the upcoming Day of Remembrance hosted by the Kelowna Women’s Centre. We decided, before leaving to call the office and ask exactly how long we would be spending outside and exactly how many layers of clothes we should be putting on. The very nice lady told us that perhaps it wouldn’t be the best day to sit in front of a grocery store and sell buttons (thank god). Instead she suggested we drive around and hang posters in a few businesses around Kelowna’s Rutland neighbourhood.

So we took a bundle of posters and set out. It didn’t take us long to post them all in stores, restaurants and offices around Rutland. That afternoon we were also supposed to meeting with Kelowna MP Ron Cannan, but the meeting was cancelled as a result of the weather (his plane couldn’t land in Kelowna Airport).

For our final day in Kelowna, Brielle and I spent the day at a Pow Wow. It

The .7 Snowball cupcakes we made for the potluck at the Pow Wow

The .7 Snowball cupcakes we made for the potluck at the Pow Wow

was her first and my second. We worked as baristas, so to speak, serving hot chocolate and coffee to the guests while taking in some of the amazing dancing and equally beautiful costumes.

One of  the highlights of the Pow Wow was meeting this very statuesque man named Nathan who we found out had been in Dances with Wolves. Brielle and I also loved a

Nathan, the fellow we were told was in Dances with Wolves -- also an amazing traditional dancer.

Nathan, the fellow we were told was in Dances with Wolves -- also an amazing traditional dancer.

dance performed by two little boys. It was called a Hoop Dance and someone told me it was one of the hardest and most technical of all aboriginal dances.  It was absolutely amazing to watch these kids, who couldn’t have been a day over 10 years old, and one of whom was the third best hoop dancer in the WORLD!

Finally, the Pow Wow also offered us another chance to promote P7S, as Brielle got on the mic during dinner and told the audience about it.


The absolutely awesome hoop dancer!

The absolutely awesome hoop dancer!

After the Pow Wow that night,   Brielle and I drove to Penticton where we spent the night at my house. In the morning we headed off again to our final destination in the campaign, Victoria. It was exciting to think that after almost 14 weeks of travelling we would finally be hitting the western most destination in our campaign. We couldn’t wait!


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