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Bring on the Nobel Prize!


Hurrah for wind-power! You go Alberta

Hurrah for wind-power! You go Alberta

The drive from Regina to Lethbridge was eventually quite pretty. Why eventually? Well for those of you who’ve never done the drive, let me fill you in. You start out marvelling at the flatness. Then the marvel turns to sleepiness and you bang your forehead around on the steering wheel a few times (at this point it’s a good idea to slam back a couple Clif bars or play your favourite ‘sing in the car’ mix). Then suddenly you make friends with the prairies – seduced by the unassuming simplicity, the sameness and the Corner Gas-sity of it all. Oh, and we got to see a wicked sunset. And as we were driving West and the world was flat flat flat, it felt like we were driving right into the sun. Tri-Peeeee…..

But for those of you in the ‘forget the journey, it’s all about the destination’ school, there’s good news for you too. Lethbridge was a well-rounded success. For starters, we got to stay with some extended family – Tracy’s boyfriend’s cousin Sue and her husband Scott – in their beautiful new home. And we got our own rooms AND our own bathroom. No more accidental cousin-spooning – nice! Plus Scott and Sue were fun hosts. They taught me how to play Settlers of Catan and introduced Tracy to her new favourite game, Ticket to Ride. Check out the dorky picture of us holding the train game peices we came to know very well.

Paying nerdy homage to `the train game`

Paying nerdy homage to `the train game`

Trains and sunsets aside, we managed to get some work done too. Sunday morning we headed to Henderson Lake to help out with Arthritis Society’s Jingle Bell Run. After checking in with the organizers and receiving our shirts and jingle bells, we were given the task of manning the water table mid-course. Although it was cold, we had fun (I know we always say that but it’s TRUE man! We’re that perfect breed of human that has life-altering good times EVERYWHERE we go. Okay maybe not life-altering, but there’s usually something to be amused by or feel good about). I think I’ll list the Jingle Bell Run highlights in bullet form for a change:

– Bottomless hot chocolate

– Adorable if slightly ridiculously dressed dogs on the run who lapped at our water bottles

– The extremely nice men who stood and chatted with us at our posts about P7S and hooked us up with media connections

– Making a Nobel Prize-worthy discovery on the grass by our table (see picture of freaky beetle/scorpion/deathbug hybrid)

freaky bug/crab/scorpion demon at Henderson Lake

freaky bug/crab/scorpion demon at Henderson Lake

Tracy offers water to a fast dude at the Jingle Bell Run

Tracy offers water to a fast dude at the Jingle Bell Run

So that was the run. Good times. The next day Tracy and I caught up on administrative stuff – following up with schools in Victoria and setting up volunteering. As we both like to write but have different writing styles (Tracy’s competent, mine less so), sitting in front of the laptop co-typing emails all day is not, perhaps, our favourite part of the work we’re doing. That said, we always feel good at the end of those ‘email/phone call days’ as we usually get a lot accomplished.

On Tuesday, Tracy and I visited a school called The Third Academy. After giving a short presentation to the small school, we spent some one on one time with the students. We read with some of the younger ones (I love The Outsiders) and checked out the P7S website with a couple older students. It was a nice way to spend our morning, hanging out with some really sweet kids.

What else did we do in the first half of the week… oh, we set up lots of press for the latter half. But I’m sure Tracy will cover that in her second-half-of-the-week-sum-up.

Also a quick shout to Jayme, my Lethbridg-ian friend whom I LOVE and was so happy to catch up with.

And finally, did anyone catch Stephen Lewis on The Hour the other night? For those of you unfamiliar with Lewis, start familiarizing as he is 100% inspiration. A good place to start is his book, Race Against Time.

Okay, THE END.

our favourite Jingle Bell Runner

our favourite Jingle Bell Runner


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